University of San Carlos Medical Tablet

The Medical Tablet was our very own thesis.

The Medical Tablet system was designed and implemented based on the gathered information from the College of Nursing with the help of its medical personnel or instructors. While designing the system, the most important step that was taken was the development of the interface of the program itself. It was designed such that it would be user-friendly and easy to understand that even a novice user can use it for the first time. The cross compatibility of the system itself was taken into consideration since it is web-based; therefore, any type of operating system can be used as long as there is a browser installed in it. The system was implemented using PHP and Adobe Flash, both of which offer many advantages. PHP is a fast, stable, secure, easy-to-use, and open source programming language. Adobe Flash provides great interfaces and unique functionalities to the system. The program was designed to fully work with the

prescribed tablet PC along with the software bundled with it, and to run on a Microsoft‘s Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 or any Linux operating system.

The resources for the study were limited, thus, a single end-user device was applied rather than multiple implementations for the client users. A tablet PC and a server with a wireless router were used to process the data. The system‘s operation was only limited to the Inpatient Department of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, since it was one of the affiliated hospital that the students of the University of San Carlos – College of Nursing practiced. It will not be executed in other types of environments.