Rouie Francis “Eyor” Ilustrisimo

Software Engineer • Software Developer • Website Developer and Designer • Digital Nomad • Fun Chaser

I create and develop anything under the web.

From designing to making your dream websites work, implementing web e-commerce functionalities, to developing web applications and automations. Just name it and I’ll make it work for you, or maybe something close enough? But most of the time better. *Clears Throat

A graduate of Software Engineering in University of San Carlos, Cebu Philippines and has a passion for codes ever since. I have been in the Software and Website Development Industry for 10 solid years and counting. Let’s Connect!

2010 – PRESENT
Web Developer / Software Engineer

A full time freelance full stack web developer / software engineer since 2017 but been doing part times all the way back 2010. I create websites and web applications for international and local clients that is in need of business improvement and marketing.

2017 – 2019
Swish Design
Full Stack Web Developer

Developing websites for businesses in Western Australia which uses WordPress as the main tool for CMS. The websites ranges from simple to complex implementation, including e-commerce functionality and customizable tools that can help the business boost its operations.

2016 – 2017
LCA (Logistics Consulting Asia, Malaysia)
Software Developer

I am responsible of enhancing and maintaining the company’s core software product. This is where I fix the bugs and think through of all possibilities that can improve the system overall that can benefit the business.

2014 – 2015
Tier 1, Support Engineer

As a Support Engineer I am experienced in front-end web/flash development with excellent troubleshooting abilities, mastering in fixing other’s bugs, working in cooperation with other support agents and in-market teams to ensure the timely response to clients and the successful operation of Sizmek online advertising campaigns.

2011 – 2014
Survey Sampling International
Survey and PHP Programmer

As a Survey and PHP programmer, I develop web surveys and collect data’s for multinational clients Globally. I am in charge of the whole development Process of each survey, from planning, creation, until Launching and data collection. Also, I handled standard to complex projects with tight timelines.